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The Craziest Thing I D >

The Craziest Thing I D >

It’s no key that love makes individuals do things that are crazy.

For example: me personally. Understand that film Crazy, Stupid, Love? We when viewed it with my university boyfriend although we had been within the hospital. We made him just just just take me personally I was having a heart attack (turns out it was just anxiety and acid reflux from eating too much pizza during finals) because I was convinced (at age 21). Once I had been cleared to go out of, I made him hurry me back into campus and get hot chocolate on our means house. We split up soon thereafter.

Ended up being it crazy? Maybe. Ended up being it for love? Positively. To advance illustrate my point, we interviewed other real world daters and asked: what’s the craziest thing you did for love?

“I once delivered a woman postcards from Europe one at the same time, with one term each: “I” “Am” “In” “Love” “With” “You.” She offered them back into me personally. Continue reading ‚The Craziest Thing I D >’