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Look for A Wife Abroad&Spouses of U.S. People

As a whole, you might be eligible for a naturalization under Section 319(a) associated with Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) if you

  • Have now been a resident that is permanentGreen Card holder) for at the very least 36 months
  • Are staying in marital union aided by the U.S. that is same citizen during such time
  • Meet all other eligibility needs under this area

In some situations, partners of U.S. residents used abroad may be eligible for a naturalization aside from their time as permanent residents. These partners may qualify under section b that is 319( associated with the INA.

For information associated with spouses of army people, see our users of the Military and their loved ones web page. Also for information on becoming a permanent resident or petitioning for loved ones, please check out our Green Card or Family websites.

General Eligibility Demands

An applicant must to be eligible for naturalization pursuant to section 319(a) of the INA